The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (2023)

The best social media appsoffer a range of solutionsthat can help youeasilyorganize multiple accountsand share information across several social networkswithout ever needing to post anythingseparately to your accountsdirectly from the web.

Here area few of the most popular social media management tools available today. Use them for personal reasons, for your blog, for your small business or for your large brand.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (1)

What We Like

  • Analytic tools for social media marketing.

  • Reliably identifies influencers.

What We Don't Like

  • Some features come at a cost.

  • Cumbersome to curate content across platforms.

Hootsuite is arguably the most popular social media management app out there. It's very well known for supporting lots of different platforms while offering a wide range ofsettings and dynamic features.

You can monitor and post to several popular networks including both Facebook personal profiles and business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn,and others. And with its built-in custom analytics system, the ability to monitor selected keywords plus the option to conveniently schedule posts whenever you want (and do this all for free),HootSuite sets the bar high for competing social media management tools. Pro and enterprise plans are also available.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (2)

What We Like

  • Flexible pricing plans.

  • Integrates with news aggregator tools like Feedly.

What We Don't Like

  • Free version doesn't connect to Pinterest or LinkedIn.

  • Content feed lacks a search feature.

Buffer helps you plan out a schedule to optimize your social updates by scheduling them and spreading them out to publish throughout the day. You can use it with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest,and Instagram.

The dashboard is super simple to use, giving you full customization of your posting schedule and the ability to view your analytics. Using the Buffer mobile app and the web browser extension makes it easier than ever to quickly add web page links (including title and images) to your Buffer schedule. You can upgrade for more posting privileges and social accounts to manage.

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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (3)

TweetDeck is another popular web app used for managing Twitter. This popular platform used to support other social networks as well, but once it was acquired by Twitter, it stripped all that away and made it specifically for managing Twitter accounts.

TweetDeck is totally free and perfect for those who need to manage multiple accounts, follow specific hashtags, reply to lots of other users and see exactly what's being tweeted in real-time. You can organize everything you need in separate columns so you can see all of it on one screen. Keep in mind that TweetDeck is meant for the desktop web only.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (4)

What We Like

  • Queue content to re-post automatically on a recurring basis.

  • Extensive help documentation.

What We Don't Like

  • No mobile application.

  • Clunky interface.

SocialOomph can help you manage yourTwitteraccounts for free — plusPinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds and more if you upgrade.Schedule your tweets, track keywords, promote your profiles, shorten URLs, purge your direct message inbox, and create an unlimited number of profile accounts completely free of charge.

A free account gets lots of great features that aren't terribly limited, but a premium account will get you more—including follow-backs, automated DMs, quality users worth following and more. Premium members are billed every two weeks rather than monthly.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (5)

What We Like

  • Easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Integrates with many apps, services, and smart devices.

What We Don't Like

  • Better for personal use rather than professional use.

  • Automatically adds hashtags to all posts.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. This tool lets you build your very own automated actions, called applets or "recipes," so that you don't have to perform them manually.

For example, if you want all of your Instagram photos automatically saved to a public folder of your Dropbox account, you can create a recipe with IFTTT. You can choose from existing applets, as well.

There's no limit to the number of recipes you can build, and it works with almost any popular social website.

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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (6)

What We Like

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Ideal for groups of people working on social media campaigns.

What We Don't Like

  • No way to save customized settings preferences.

  • Twitter content is often delayed by a few minutes.

For the social media strategistwho's crazy about measuring analytics, SpredFast is the tool that excels at data feature integration. Manage and measure data gathered from all sorts of social platformsto see how many people you are reaching and whether or not your target audience is appropriately engaging with your content.The data is presented in formatted graphs, which you can use to compare and benchmark campaigns against other strategies.

As you might've guessed, SpredFast is for more than just the average blogger or small business dabbling in some light social media promotion. You have to request a demo before you can start using it.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (7)

What We Like

  • Displays most popular posts in real time.

  • Predictive scoring shows how content might perform.

What We Don't Like

  • Automation features could be better.

  • Toggling between accounts is more difficult than it should be.

Like SpredFast, SocialFlow takes a data-driven approach to social media with tools that let you publish according to when your users are most active, launch goal-based advertisement campaigns and more. This is the type of app you want if you really need to make sense of your social activity.

This is another one that involves requesting a demo before you can sign right up and get going on your next social media marketing campaign. It's typically meant to be used by larger organizations that have big audiences and lots of engagement happening.


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Sprout Social

The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (8)

What We Like

  • Notifications, mentions, and messages in one feed.

  • Mobile app includes push notifications.

Sprout Social is another app for serious social media marketers. In addition to being able to easily publish to a variety of social platforms, this tool was built for providing excellent customer service via social media and looking for hidden engagement opportunities.

There's a free trial, but after that's up, be prepared to pay a minimum of $60 per month to keep using all of Sprout Social's advanced features. Enterprise and agency solutions are perfect for customizing your social mediamarketing needs to fit your business and is completely scalable.



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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (9)

What We Like

  • Set permissions for different users.

  • Flexible pricing plans.

What We Don't Like

  • Limited compatibility with Instagram.

  • Occasionally sluggish.

It's not secret that the social web thrives on visual content nowadays, and that's exactly what you can use Everypost for. This tool allows you to share multimedia content across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Customize your posts, schedule them for publishing later, collaborate with other team members and get access to all your social analytics. A free account gets you a very limited offering of just the basic features with tight restrictions, but there are four more premium account types that are affordable for any small or large social marketing strategy.


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The 10 Best Social Media Management Applications of 2022 (10)

What We Like

  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  • Suggests ways to improve your Pinterest account.

What We Don't Like

  • No mobile support.

  • Not as useful for posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Like Everypost, Tailwind is focused on visual social content—particularly Pinterest and Instagram. For Pinterest, you can use this tool to schedule posts, find trends through insights, monitor your brand, launch contests or promotions and get access to analytics and reporting.

For Instagram, you can take advantage of the Instagram "listening" feature, schedule posts, monitor hashtags, manage your audience, manage user-generated content and also get access to analytics and reporting.There are plans for everyone from bloggers and small businesses to agencies and enterprises.

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What is the most popular social media 2022? ›

The latest statistics show that Facebook continues to reign strong as the king of social media, with 2.94 billion active users in 2022. That means that around three out of every four of the 3.96 billion social media users are active Facebook users.

Which tools resources would you recommend to best manage and grow social media accounts? ›

On this page
  • The 14 top social media management tools for small-to-medium businesses.
  • Buffer.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Sprout Social.
  • Agora Pulse.
  • Sendible.
  • eClincher.
  • Social Pilot.

How do I choose a social media management tool? ›

9 things to consider when evaluating a social media tool
  1. User experience. You're likely to be using this tool regularly, maybe even daily. ...
  2. Analytics & reporting. ...
  3. Team collaboration tools. ...
  4. Customer support. ...
  5. Training. ...
  6. Security. ...
  7. Integrations. ...
  8. Pricing.

Which software is best for social media marketing? ›

Hootsuite made our ranking as best for analytics because they offer some of the most comprehensive analytics and social media tracking tools on the market today, including customizable reports and team productivity reporting.

What is the number 1 social media app? ›


With nearly 3 billion monthly users, Facebook is inarguably the largest and most popular social media platform in the world.

What is the fastest growing social media platform 2022? ›

All channels have seen an increase, however, unsurprisingly it is TikTok that takes the crown of the fastest growing social media channel in 2022. Of the 3,000 participants, 40% state that they plan to use TikTok in 2022 as part of their social media strategy.

What are the four main types of social media tools? ›

Here's a look at four types of social media tools along with recommended apps that are user-friendly and can streamline your workflow.
  • Content curation tools. ...
  • Social media scheduling apps. ...
  • Content creation tools. ...
  • Social media analytics tools.
Jul 26, 2016

Which social media platform is best for your business? ›

The 8 Best Social Media Platforms to Market Your Business in 2021 [Infographic]
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.
  • Pinterest.
  • Reddit.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Snapchat.
Feb 28, 2021

What is the best social media account? ›

Top 10 Social Media Platforms Compared
1Facebook$85.96 billion
2YouTube$28.8 billion
3WhatsApp$5.5 billion
4Instagram$24 billion
6 more rows
May 30, 2022

Who are the top social media managers? ›

Here are the 25 social media top guns (in no particular order) we're following right now.
Top Social Media Experts
  1. Jay Baer. ...
  2. Sean Gardner. ...
  3. Ann Handley. ...
  4. Neal Schaffer. ...
  5. Sujan Patel. ...
  6. Kim Garst. ...
  7. Neil Patel. ...
  8. Mari Smith.
Dec 4, 2021

What is a social media management tools? ›

For those who may not know what a social media management tool is, it is software designed to allow the user (you) to publish to, monitor and manage one or more of your social media networks from one interface.

What is social media marketing tool? ›

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that uses social media apps as a marketing tool. These social media platforms enable brands to connect with their audience to: build a brand; increase sales; drive traffic to a website; and.

What is social media tools? ›

Tools that help to facilitate social media. Examples include RSS, blogs, video logs, widgets, tags, forums, location based services, Web chats, instant messaging, podcasts and microblogging services.

What are the 5 most popular social media platforms? ›

The rankings on our list are based on the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs).
  • 1. Facebook — 2.9 billion MAUs. ...
  • YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs. ...
  • WhatsApp — 2 billion MAUs. ...
  • Instagram — 2 billion MAUs. ...
  • WeChat — 1.26 billion MAUs. ...
  • TikTok — 1 billion MAUs. ...
  • Sina Weibo — 573 million MAUs. ...
  • QQ — 538.91 million MAUs.

What are the 5 social media? ›

A Closer Look at the Top 15 Social Networks
  • 1. Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users. ...
  • YouTube – 2.291 Billion Active Users. ...
  • WhatsApp – 2.0 Billion Active Users. ...
  • 4. Facebook Messenger – 1.3 Billion Active Users. ...
  • Instagram – 1.221 Billion Active Users. ...
  • Weixin/WeChat – 1.213 Billion Active Users. ...
  • TikTok – 689 Million Active Users.
Aug 13, 2021

What are the six types of social media? ›

What Are the 6 Types of Social Media? The six types of social media, though this can be broken down in many ways, include social networking, bookmarking, social news, media sharing, microblogging, and online forum sites.

How do I create a social media platform? ›

I've compiled a list of 8 steps that you need to follow in the process:
  1. Identify your community. ...
  2. Define the features and functions. ...
  3. Choose the right technology. ...
  4. A must have structure. ...
  5. Design Activity Stream. ...
  6. Create Status Update Features. ...
  7. Quality Viewing Data options. ...
  8. You need to attract the right users.
Aug 25, 2017

What is the most popular social media platform 2021? ›

What are the Most Popular Social Media Apps for 2021? Top Apps, Trending, and Rising Stars
  1. 1. Facebook. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users (MAUs), Facebook is an absolute must for every brand. ...
  2. Instagram. Instagram is another critical platform for 2021. ...
  3. Twitter. ...
  4. TikTok. ...
  5. YouTube. ...
  6. WeChat. ...
  7. WhatsApp. ...
  8. MeWe.
Jan 5, 2021

What are the top 5 social media platform? ›

Social media is everywhere, but not all platforms work for every business. Find out which of these top 10 social media platforms will work best for your audience.
The Top 10 Social Media Apps By Monthly Active Users.
1Facebook2.9 billion
2YouTube2.2 billion
3WhatsApp2 billion
4Instagram2 billion
6 more rows
May 30, 2022

What is the next big social media platform in 2021? ›


Clubhouse is a new social media network that rapidly gained popularity in late 2020 and early 2021. What makes it different from other social media networks is its unique offering as the first audio-only social media platform.

What is the fastest growing social media platform 2021? ›

TikTok and Reddit are the only two on this list of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the US that saw growth increase by more than 10% in 2021. The third fastest-growing social network is LinkedIn. In 2021, the professional networking platform saw a 4.2% increase in the number of users.


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