Setting up Messenger for Facebook to use with Shopify Inbox (2023)

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The Messenger for Facebook feature in the Messenger channel lets you connect Facebook to Shopify Inbox. After you activate the Messenger for Facebook feature in the Messenger channel, you can send and receive messages from Facebook with Shopify Inbox. Before you add Messenger for Facebook, make sure that you have a Facebook business page.

Messenger for Facebook

You can add Messenger for Facebook from the the Messenger channel at any time. If Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, or Facebook Marketing are already set up in your store's Facebook and Instagram by Meta, then some steps might already be completed.

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Before you add Messenger for Facebook to your Messenger channel, make sure that you've set up Facebook and Instagram by Meta and that the Messenger channel is installed in your store.

Add Facebook to the Messenger channel

You can see your Messenger for Facebook messages in your Inbox dashboard. This allows you to use Shopify Inbox to respond with text, images, product links, or discount codes.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

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  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Messenger.

  3. Click Open sales channel.

  4. Click Overview.

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  5. In the Facebook Messenger section, click Start setup.

  6. Click Confirm to connect Messages to Shopify Inbox.

  7. Click Go to Facebook Page to set up your Messages button. Your business's Facebook page must have a Message us button to complete this step.

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  8. Click Go to Inbox to log in to Shopify Inbox to complete your Messenger setup.

When a customer messages you on Facebook, you can now respond using Shopify Inbox.


How do I connect inbox to Messenger? ›

Your page can accept and send messages only if you've enabled Messenger. To turn on Messenger for your page, go to Messages under General Settings and then click Edit. Select the option to allow messages to your page, and click Save Changes. Be sure to enable Messenger so customers and prospects can contact you.

How do I add business Inbox to Messenger? ›

Open Business Inbox
  1. Open your Messenger app.
  2. Press and hold on your profile picture until a pop-up appears.
  3. Tap on the account you want to open Business Inbox for.
  4. You will receive a notification that you have switched to your business.
  5. To switch back to your profile, use the same method.

How do I set up Messenger for my Facebook page? ›

Updated mobile browser experience
  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Pages.
  3. Go to your Page and tap in the top right.
  4. Tap General Settings.
  5. Below Messenger, tap On or Off.

Is there an API for Facebook Messenger? ›

The Messenger Profile API allows you to set, update, retrieve, and delete properties from the Page Messenger Profile.

Is Facebook inbox the same as Messenger? ›

If you've been upgraded to the new Messenger interface on, you'll notice a few subtle changes to the user interface, when accessed from the desktop. For starters, the previous inbox icon has been replaced with the Messenger icon in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Can you use the Messenger app for business page? ›

Set up Messenger on your business page

If it's not enabled already, click on Edit in the same row, and turn on the feature. You will now be able to receive private messages from Facebook users. As for sending private messages as a business, you can only message users who have contacted your page first.

Is Facebook Messenger free for business? ›

Messenger is also a popular customer service channel for brands that have a presence on Facebook. Businesses can use it to answer questions from customers or as an advertising channel. Facebook Messenger is free to use for anyone with a Facebook account and an internet connection.

How do I get Facebook Messenger notifications for my business? ›

Steps to change your business notifications:
  1. Open Business settings.
  2. Click Notifications.
  3. Below Business updates, select each type of notification you want to receive. ...
  4. Below each asset type, use the toggles to turn on or off Facebook and email notifications.

Why can't i add my business page to Messenger? ›

To add a Page to Business Manager, you must also have been an admin on the Page for more than 7 days. If you aren't an admin on the Page, you'll have to request access to the Page. You must be an admin in Business Manager. The Page you're trying to add can't be owned by another person or business.

Do I have to install Messenger on Facebook? ›

You can not only use Facebook without messenger but also receive and reply to messages without installing the messenger app. You don't always have to stick to your phone to receive and reply to messages. Instead, notification management is a complete solution that lets you manage your phone through a PC.

Can I Automate Facebook Messenger? ›

You can automate on Facebook Messenger by using Messenger Management Tools and Facebook Messenger Bots where you can create automated responses when communicating with a potential customer. These bots use Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to understand and answer questions, and perform tasks.

Is Messenger API free? ›

You can get started with the Messaging API for free. Anyone can use the Messaging API to send a message from a LINE Official Account. You can send a certain number of messages each month for free.

What is Messenger on Shopify? ›

The Messenger channel lets you connect Messenger for Facebook to Shopify Inbox. After you activate the Messenger channel, you can send and receive messages from Messenger within Inbox. Before you add the Messenger channel, make sure that you have a Facebook business page and that you've installed Shopify Inbox.

What are the two types of Messenger? ›

there are two kinds of instant messaging software – application based and Web based. Application based instant messaging software is downloaded and installed on user's computer. Some of the popular instant messaging software are: Google Talk • Yahoo! Messenger • Skype • Windows Live Messenger • Rediff Bol, etc.

Does Facebook still have inbox? ›

Tap in the top right of Facebook. Scroll down and tap Support Inbox.

How much does FB Messenger cost? ›

Be together whenever, with our free* all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features.

Does it cost money to send through Facebook Messenger? ›

There are no fees to send or receive money in Messenger. This feature is free for everyone to send money to friends and family. If you already have a payment method linked to your account, any money sent to you is transferred right away.

Does it cost money to use Facebook Messenger? ›

No, we don't charge you to use Facebook. Instead, we charge advertisers to show ads on Meta Company Products. This helps us make Facebook available to everyone without charging people for access to it.

Why am I not getting Facebook notifications for my business page? ›

If you've turned on notifications in your Page settings and still aren't receiving any notifications, it may be because you turned off notifications on your mobile device. Try tapping Settings, then Notifications on your mobile device and make sure your notifications for Facebook are turned on.

Why am I not getting any Facebook Messenger notifications? ›

If your device is in Do Not Disturb mode, you will not receive any notifications, whether Messenger or any other app unless you customized it. Disable DND mode to start receiving Messenger notifications. As is common with Android, the wording may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and Android version to version.

What is the Facebook Messenger notification called? ›

What are Messenger Push Notifications? Facebook messenger push notifications are broadcasted media-rich messages that are sent to users who have either initiated a chat with you on Facebook or have given permissions (similar to the classic web push notification permission) to you on the website itself.

Why can't I connect my Facebook page to business manager? ›

  • You must have a primary Page to request access to or add another verified page. ...
  • To add a Page to Business Manager, you must also have been an admin on the Page for more than 7 days. ...
  • You must be an admin in Business Manager.
  • The Page you're trying to add can't be owned by another person or business.

What happens if I install Messenger on Facebook? ›

After you install Messenger, all your messages and contacts will be waiting for you in the app. To see your messages on the Facebook website, open a web browser from your computer or phone and go to

What is the best free chatbot for Facebook Messenger? ›

#1. Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tool: MobileMonkey
  • Multi-channel chatbot platform on web and mobile app.
  • Native web chat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS marketing tools.
  • Visual-flow chatbot builder and editor.
  • Chatbot templates.
  • Multilingual.
  • Zapier and other integrations.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads.

What is a Messenger bot? ›

What is a Facebook Messenger bot (a.k.a Facebook chatbot)? A chatbot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with people. Facebook Messenger bots live within Facebook Messenger, and can converse with some of the 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month.

How do I control Facebook Messenger? ›

Control who can send messages to your Messenger Chats list
  1. Open your Messenger app.
  2. From Chats, tap your profile picture in the top left.
  3. From the menu, tap Privacy.
  4. Tap Message Delivery.
  5. Tap on the people you want to control messages for.

What is the best chat API? ›

10 Best Chat SDK Providers For Web and Mobile Apps
  • MirrorFly. Mirrorfly is a brilliant resource of real-time chat solutions preferred by developers for its easy-to-use features and simple integration capabilities. ...
  • Twilio. ...
  • PubNub. ...
  • Cometchat. ...
  • Sendbird. ...
  • Apphitect. ...
  • Quickblox. ...
  • Getstream.

How do I set up chatbot on Facebook Messenger? ›

In the live dashboard, navigate to Tools & settings. Under Tools, select Chatbot. On the Chatbot settings page, select Chatbot from the dropdown menu on the left-hand side. This will switch your Page over from the old chat commands system to the new chatbot system.

Does Shopify have a chat app? ›

Use Shopify Inbox to talk with customers and sell over chat. With Shopify Inbox, you can grow your business, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support all from a free business chat app.

Does Shopify have messaging? ›

Shopify Inbox lets you easily add chat to your online store, allowing customers to message you while they shop. You can also receive Inbox messages from customers using other messaging channels like Messenger. Shopify Inbox lets you view and respond to these messages from your desktop and mobile device.

How do I move a message from inbox to Messenger? ›

In the panel on the left-hand side, click on the message you want to move. In the panel on the right-hand side, click the gear icon. Click on Ignore Messages in the dropdown menu. Accept the on-screen confirmation, and the message will move.

What email is my Messenger linked to? ›

Enter your password and click "Log In." Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of your news feed and select "Account Settings." Your email address is listed under General Account Settings.

How do I sync my Gmail with Messenger? ›

How Facebook Messenger & Gmail Integrations Work
  1. Step 1: Choose Facebook Messenger as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect. ...
  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List. ...
  3. Step 3: Pick Gmail as an action app and authenticate. ...
  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.
Jan 25, 2023

Why can't I see my inbox messages on Facebook? ›

If you can't see your messages or you're getting a “No internet Connection” error, you can try: Updating to the latest version of Messenger. Quitting and reopening the Messenger app. Checking your Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Did Facebook change Messenger? ›

The main change is the new Messenger logo, which also employs a color gradient tone. As explained by Messenger: “Our new logo reflects a shift to the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to stay connected to the people you're close to.” I mean, it's not a significant difference.

What does inbox mean on Messenger? ›

Your inbox contains messages people have sent, any comments that have happened on your posts and general engagement on your page. You'll locate your inbox using the top menu, and it'll typically be next to the menu option page.

How do I change my Messenger default messaging app? ›

Navigate to and open Settings, and then tap Apps. Tap Choose default apps, and then tap SMS app. Select your desired message app.

How do I separate Messenger and text messages? ›

To opt out of seeing your SMS messages via Messenger:
  1. Launch. Facebook. .
  2. Tap the. Menu icon. (located in the upper-right).
  3. Tap. Account Settings. .
  4. Tap. Text Messaging. .
  5. From the Current Phone Numbers section, tap. Remove. located next to the applicable mobile number.
  6. Enter your Facebook password then tap. Remove phone. .

How do I import messages from Facebook Messenger? ›

Requesting a Download
  1. Open the Messenger app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. ...
  2. Tap your profile picture and select Account settings. ...
  3. Tap Download Your Information. ...
  4. Tap Deselect all. ...
  5. Select Messages. ...
  6. Choose a date range. ...
  7. Choose a format and quality. ...
  8. Tap Create File.

How do I create a Messenger email account? ›

Enter your mobile phone number and tap Next. To use an email instead, tap Sign Up with Email Address. Create a password and tap Next, then tap Sign Up. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

Is Gmail a Messenger? ›

Google Chat is Gmail's instant messaging feature, which allows you to talk in realtime to friends and family. You can use it within your web browser or by downloading the official Google Chrome extension Chat for Google. To start a new chat, navigate down to the left-hand column of your Gmail account window.

How do I change my email on Facebook Messenger? ›

Tap Settings, then tap Personal Information. Tap Contact info, then tap Confirm below your new email, enter the code, then tap Confirm.

How do I turn on auto sync on Messenger? ›

Step 1: Tap the menu in the top left to see your preferences and other options.
  1. Step 2: Tap on the Manage Auto Sync text to open auto sync preferences on your device.
  2. Step 3: Tap the green Turn Auto Sync On button to enable auto sync.
  3. Step 4: You can now see that auto sync is enabled on this screen.
Mar 14, 2022

Why is my Facebook and Messenger not syncing? ›

Update your Messenger app to the latest version. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Make sure your device has enough storage. Close your Messenger app and restart your device.

Can I get Facebook messages sent to my email? ›

Click "Account Settings." Select "Notifications" in the left navigation pane and remove the check box beside "Email Frequency" to allow most notifications to be sent to your personal email address.


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