Nearmap NAVIG8 2022 - Annual Technology Conference (2022)


Main Event

11:00am – 12:30pm

Keynote Address

Dr. Rob Newman - CEO, Nearmap
An update on the latest developments and future outlook for Nearmap, and what it means for you.

Don Weigel - SVP Product, Nearmap
A view of the Nearmap product roadmap including an update on how our custom-designed and built HyperCamera3 will deliver more content and new product types.

Dr. Michael Bewley - Senior Director, AI Systems, Nearmap
A deep dive into the fifth and latest iteration of Nearmap AI and the expanded capabilities it unlocks.

Emma Bacon - Executive Director and Founder, Sweltering Cities
Look closer into the effective, practical approaches we can all take to plan, create and monitor more sustainable, liveable cities.

Lucinda Hartley - Founding Director, Neighbourlytics
Analysing geospatial data tells part of the story about any location. But what about the social data: where we spend time, how we work, who we see, and what we value? In this presentation, Lucinda Hartley, founding director of social analytics platform, Neighbourlytics, shares insights about multiple factors that contribute to vibrant, active neighbourhoods, and how social data addresses the seen and unseen needs of societies to create more liveable, sustainable communities.

12:30pm – 12:35pm


12:35pm – 12:55pm

Mapping the Way to Sustainable Energy: A Digital Transformation

Bill Meehan - Director, Electric Utility Solutions, Esri

Digital transformation and the mapping of the world enable sustainability. However, as we attempt to attack the serious problems of our energy: aging infrastructure, climate impact, poverty, pollution, and inequity, we need to think differently. We must move from an incremental approach to one of innovation. Location technology provides a common framework for looking at every aspect of our world – since nearly everything exists somewhere. Join this session with Bill Meehan to learn how thinking differently will help us map the way to sustainable energy.

Digital Transformation of Tree Canopy Monitoring

Devin Doring - Technical Services Supervisor, City of Salem, Oregon

Applying machine learning (computer vision) algorithms against captured imagery is becoming more accessible and enhancing its value. In the past, these techniques were too specialized or expensive to be adopted by most organizations. However, this is changing. Imagery is becoming more than just a nice picture or base map and instead becoming an incredibly information dense question answering medium. Come hear how the City of Salem answered its questions concerning tree canopy impact after a devastating ice storm using Nearmap AI-derived layers and simple GIS analysis.

12:55pm – 1:15pm

Nearmap Imagery Guiding Wildfire Recovery

Nikki Hart-Brinkley - Owner, Green Top Planning, Development and Research

In September 2020, the Almeda Fire swept through several communities in Jackson County, Oregon, destroying nearly 3,000 homes and businesses. In the city of Talent, more than a third of the city was within the fire’s perimeter, particularly devastating in affordable and senior housing developments. As an integral part of the recovery effort, Nearmap 3D mesh was used in Esri’s ArcGIS Urban environment to add visual context to the recovery. AI building extracts from pre- and post-fire flights allowed the creation of LOD2 structures which help track rebuilding, while canopy extracts measure urban forest loss and help guide strategic replanting.

Imagery Becomes Intelligence: Mitigating P&C Insurance Risk

Noel Bunol - Executive Vice President, Gulf States Insurance

Bryan Adams – Senior Vice President – Head of Catastrophe Analytics, Arch Insurance

Elizabeth Del Ferro – General Manager, Insurance, Nearmap

Matthew Taylor – Insurance Solutions Product Manager, Nearmap

Kevin Tulp – Senior Solutions Engineer, Nearmap

Through specific insurer stories, see how property and casualty (P&C) insurers are leveraging Nearmap location intelligence to efficiently evaluate property risk, conduct virtual assessments and empower better pricing, quoting and underwriting decisions. Learn more about how to improve the quality of data being inputted in models and algorithms; evaluate and monitor current risk across your portfolio; find PIFs that are underinsured or have coverage gaps; mitigate and improve loss exposure, and improve accuracy and speed across the claims process.

1:15pm – 1:40pm

Seeing More From Above: How Overview Looks Closer with Nearmap

Benjamin Grant
Founder, Overview

Take a journey into the latest stories from Overview – the award-winning content collection of awe-inspiring aerial imagery, with founder Benjamin Grant. Sharing images of the Earth from above with more than 1.3M Instagram followers, the page aims to inspire long-term and big-picture thinking about our world. Join Benjamin as he explores what the Nearmap NAVIG8 theme ‘Look Closer’ means to his organization’s efforts, and demonstrates how advances in aerial imagery – including higher resolution, deep data, and AI layers – can help us reveal powerful stories about human impact on planet Earth.

1:40pm – 2:00pm

A Geospatial Time Machine for Earth Observation

Dr. Michael Bewley - Senior Director, AI Systems, Nearmap

Observing the world and how it changes provides clarity that leads to smarter decision-making. In this session, Dr Michael Bewley presents a closer look at a deep-dive analysis using just two of the 78 layers in the latest iteration of Nearmap AI. Nearmap Gen 5 AI includes new layers – surface permeability, debris and roof objects – along with expanded layers on existing packs, and a Rollup API that delivers more than 500 facts per address. See how the ground-breaking capabilities of Nearmap Gen 5 AI can be applied to answer complex questions at an industrial scale.

Oklahoma County Success Story

Tim Conner - GIS Parcel Fabric Manager, Oklahoma County

Oklahoma County invested heavily in Nearmap in 2019. The County leverages Nearmap high-resolution aerial imagery and content for its change detection process. If approved by Oklahoma State lawmakers, Nearmap content can be used with Change Detection for an at-desk review of properties, removing the need to physically visit each property.

Post Event - On-Demand Presentations

Technical Workshops

MapBrowser and YOU!

Be more comfortable with the Nearmap flagship web application, MapBrowser, and see how its tools and dashboard can help transform your workflows.


Andy Bryson
Customer Success Manager, Nearmap

Nicole Adams
Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Commercial, Nearmap

MapBrowser Masters

Get more out of MapBrowser and deepen your understanding of its new tools and capabilities – from elevation profile and compass changes to content exporting and KML importing. Discover Nearmap ImpactResponse features including identifying areas flown and additional information on the event.


Jen Tucker
Senior Customer Success Manager, Nearmap

Ryan Swanson
Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Nearmap

Nearmap AI

Transform your workflows and explore further capabilities of Nearmap AI content within the Esri ecosystem. Learn how to use Nearmap imagery and AI Feature API inside ArcGIS Pro to procure datasets and extract intelligent location insights. Discover how to better envision projects through the creation of LOD2 Buildings, and become proficient in collaborating with your team in web-based workspaces.


Kevin Tulp
Senior Solutions Engineer, Insurance, Nearmap

Charles Staton
Director, Solutions Engineering, Nearmap

Integrating Nearmap 3D into ArcGIS

Join this session to learn how to extract Nearmap 3D and AI data from MapBrowser, and use ArcGIS Pro 3.0 to publish those datasets to ArcGIS Online. Then discover how to use the published Nearmap data in web maps and Scene Viewer to create solutions in Web AppBuilder, Experience Builder, ArcGIS 360VR, Dashboards and more.


Steven Santovasi
Solution Product Manager, Nearmap

Geoff Taylor
Manager, Solutions Architecture, Nearmap

Wholistic Approach to Nearmap APIs

Learn how to set up simple and complex API keys and applications based on your technical needs and desired end goals. And for those who are interested in running their own scripts in developer apps, dive into how to set up Tile and DSM APIs.


Jason Theis
Customer Success Manager, Nearmap

Mike Hays
Customer Success Manager, Nearmap

Solution Sessions

Real-time Project Planning on Existing Assets

Esther Lang – Project Engineer, Downer Australia

Join this session to learn how Downer uses MapBrowser and the Projects tool for real-time, large-scale project planning on existing assets, including using tools to demonstrate work areas, and running parallel ‘projects’ to allow for side-by-side comparison of work areas. During this presentation, you will see how Nearmap content helped effectively plan and manage a major road project, to oversee time-limited works, assess emergency services and worksite needs, including site safety and access aspects. Learn how the team managed multiple projects to reach successful project completion meeting client needs and with minimal impact to road users.

A View From Above: Coastal Safety in New South Wales

Nick Mulcahy – Coastal Risk and Research Manager, Surf Lifesaving New South Wales

On average, 42 people tragically drown on the New South Wales coastline every year. To reduce this toll, we need to know where and when the risk is highest and ensure safety interventions are targeted accordingly. One of the biggest gaps in current knowledge is the number of people using unpatrolled beaches. As such, we are using high-resolution aerial imagery captured by Nearmap to quantify the patterns and distribution of beach and water users in New South Wales, as part of the project Coastal insights: safer coasts for the future. This enables us to quantitatively assess the risk of drowning and injury along the coast for the first time, and provide insights and recommendations to improve safety.

The Digital Future of Traffic Control

Ben Marsonet – Chief Executive Officer, Altus Traffic Australia

Ben will share how the Altus Group, Australia’s largest Traffic Management company, is bringing about a generational change to the safety of roadworkers in Australia and New Zealand through the use of leading global IoT and digital twin technology.

A Geospatial Time Machine for Earth Observation

Dr. Michael Bewley – Senior Director, AI Systems, Nearmap

Observing the world and how it changes provides clarity that leads to smarter decision-making. In this session, Dr Michael Bewley presents a closer look at a deep-dive analysis using just two of the 78 Nearmap Gen 5 AI layers. Nearmap Gen 5 AI includes new layers – surface permeability, debris and roof objects –along with expanded layers on existing packs, and a Rollup API that delivers more than 500 facts per address. See how the ground-breaking capabilities of Nearmap Gen 5 AI can be applied to answer complex questions at an industrial scale.

Nearmap Coverage Expanded | Disaster Response Reimagined

M’Shenda Turner – Senior Director, ANZ Survey Operations, Nearmap

John Corbett – Director, Vision Systems, Nearmap

The Nearmap coverage footprint continues to increase year-on-year, with ANZ coverage set to encompass up to 95% of the Australian population, with new areas added over the next 12 months. And in North America, more than 80% of the population is covered, capturing more than 1,740 urban areas. Gain an overview of the geospatial operations team plan to increase coverage and provide expanded content and insights to Nearmap customers. In this session, you’ll also learn what’s possible with Nearmap content in the event of disasters from a pre-catastrophe and post-catastrophe perspective, from assessing damage to planning recovery and response, asset inspection, flood modeling and more.

Improving the Solar purchase experience through automation, GIS and ML

Vaughn Muirhead – Associate Director, Cloud First, Google Business Group, Accenture

This session will walk through the automated solar quoting experience Accenture developed in partnership with a large Australian energy provider.

Network Services Brisbane: Streamlining Asset Maintenance

Marcus Lee – Planner and Scheduler, QLD, Veolia

The Veolia Network Services (VNS) Brisbane team shares how Nearmap aerial imagery and geospatial content informs their daily planning and scheduling workflows. By leveraging Nearmap content in MapBrowser in the Esri ArcGIS platform, VNS Brisbane can accurately identify site locations, determine property classification (such as commercial or residential), and locate assets in the field for effective preparation before going on site for asset maintenance. Safety is paramount, and the content also helps isolate safety issues, while providing information to assess road conditions for points of ingress, egress and to plan traffic control.

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