How to respec attribute points, skills and morphs in ESO (2023)

Welcome to theRespec Attribute Points, Skills and Morphs Guidefor ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). We are going to take a look at what options you have to respect your characters attribute points, skills and morphs in this guide. Most new players are unaware of the options you have ingame. Please make sure to share this guide with new players.Many players playing MMOs are always afraid to makeirreversible choiceswith their characters. In ESO youdon't have to worryabout that, pretty much everything can be respec'ed at any time. That means you can change your attribute points as many times as you want, your skills, morphs and passives can also be changed endlessly. Same counts for theChampion Pointsand for things like obtaining and curingvampirismandlycanthropyin ESO.

Table of contents

  • 1. What are Attribute Points, Skills, Morphs and Passives
  • 2. How can I respec my Attribute Points and Skills in ESO?
  • 3. Map Logo Respec Location
  • 4. Ebonheart Pact Respec Location
  • 5. Aldmeri Dominion Respec Location
  • 6. Daggerfall Covenant Respec Location
  • 7. Respec anything with 0 Gold Trick

What are Attribute Points, Skills, Morphs and Passives

Lets first take a look at yourattribute points. If you navigate to your character sheet (by pressing C on the keyboard), you will find lots of different stats as well as the attributes magicka, health and stamina. You can respec these at any time while only spending a very little amount of gold, more on that further below in the guide.

Attribute PointsNext up we have theskills overview, here you can find your ultimates, abilities, morphs and passives that your character has. your build in ESO will change many times and it always involves changing out morphs and passives for your character. You can also respec anything skill related as many times as you want with a fairly low amount of gold. Just know this, respecing will cost more if you have more skills unlocked and active, but you will notice later in the game that it is still super cheap, more further below in the guide.

How can I respec my Attribute Points and Skills in ESO?

There are basically two ways torespec/reset your attribute points. You can either pay 3200 gold ingame at any of the alliance main cities or buy a respec scroll in the Crown store in ESO. The Crown Store respec scroll is very overpriced and it is not recommended to buy that scroll. 3200 gold is a very small amount to respec attribute points in ESO. Players that buy the respec scrolls in the store often don't know that there are other options.There are also two options torespec/reset your skills, morphs and passives in ESO. You can either pay gold (amount of gold depends on how many skills are active/unlocked) or buy a skill respec scroll in the Crown Store. Once again, the respec scroll in the Crown Store is heavily overpriced, it is not recommended to buy the item from the store.Players commonly mention that you can respec your skills or reset your skills in ESO, in the end it is the same thing but might be confusing to newer players.

Respec Attribute Points

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Respec Skills

Crown Store Respec Scrolls

Should you buy Respec Scrolls in the ESO Crown Store?

Just to give youan idea of how much this actually costs youif you buy the respec scrolls from the Crown Store in ESO. On the PC EU server (15th December 2021) the gold crown ratio is approx. 2000:1. That means 1 crown (crown store currency) costs you 2000 gold if you trade. One respec scroll costs you 700 crowns. Which means you would pay 1'400'000 ingame gold for 1 respec scroll. While ingame you can respec your attribute points for 3200 gold.In other words, any veteran player will tell you to never buy these scrolls in the crown store because it is a complete rip off at the current prices.

Map Logo Respec Location

TheRespec Logo looks like this on your map in the cities. When you see this logo you know that you can respec your attribute points, skills and also cure vampirism and lycanthropy there for ESO.

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Now lets take a look at the base game respec locations for each alliance (Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant.

Ebonheart Pact Respec Location

For theEbonheart Pact alliance in ESO the respec location can be found in Mournhold city in theDeshaan zone. On the world map Deshaan is located on the right side. Approximately in the middle of Deshaan you can find the city of Mournhold and in the city center you can find the "Rededication Shrines" where you can respec your attribute points and skills. You can also cure Vampirism and Lycanthropy there if you wish to do so.

Mournhold, Deshaan zone

Respec Shrines Mournhold, Deshaan zone

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Aldmeri Dominion Respec Location

For theAldmeri Dominion alliance in ESO the respec location can be found in Elden Root city in theGrahtwood zone. On the world map Grahtwood is located in the southern area. If you teleport to the Wayshrine in the middle of Elden Root you basically already see the "Rededication Shrines" where you can respec your attribute points and skills. You can also cure Vampirism and Lycanthropy there if you wish to do so.

Elden Root, Grahtwood zone

Respec Shrines Elden Root, Grahtwood zone

Daggerfall Covenant Respec Location

For theDaggerfall Covenant alliance in ESO the respec location can be found in Wayrest city in the Stormhaven zone. On the world map Stormhaven is located in the north west area. If you teleport to the Wayshrine in Wayrest city you want to walk towards the west side to see the "Rededication Shrines" where you can respec your attribute points and skills. You can also cure Vampirism and Lycanthropy there if you wish to do so (opposite site in the building).

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Wayrest, Stormhaven zone

Respec Shrines Wayrest, Stormhaven zone

Respec anything with 0 Gold Trick

There is also a very easy way to avoid all costs related to respecing anything. Be it attribute points, skills, morphs, passives, champion points and curses.

The trick requires The Armory Station, which was introduced a while ago. TheArmory Station furnishingitem is free for all players. You can learn how to get it in the "The Armory System Guide" if you haven't already placed one in your home.

The trick is fairly simple. You can create a "fake build", where none of your attribute points, skills, morphs, passives, champion points and curses are active. Now you cansave this empty setupand take that and use it as your "respec shrine". That means instead of going to the respec shrines you can simply go to your Armory Station and reset everything for free without spending a single gold coin on the respecs, very smart.

In the example build below I simply wanted to respec my attribute points and all the skills and morphs, so they are empty but my champion points and sets are still active. That way I could test different skills or morphs without having to pay the respec cost at the shrines.

Thanks to Conan The Dentist for the tip with the Armory Station.

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Now you know everything you need to know about how to respec your attribute points, abilities, morphs and passives in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). We highly recommend that you share this with new players because often they don't know about this option. This guide should give clarity.


Is there a way to reset attributes in ESO? ›

Players in ESO can use the Attribute Respecification Scroll, which will reset all your attribute points without having to travel or spend any gold. This is both the most convenient but also the most expensive method, as one scroll from the Crown Store will cost 700 Crowns.

Can I change a skill morph ESO? ›

You can either reset all your skill points, or your morphs, but it won't reset them automatically. You can choose whether you want to change only separate skills or reset a whole skill line. In case you just want to change a morph, click on the + sign and simply choose your new skill.

Can you redo attribute points? ›

Attribute points are earned through finishing specific missions and leveling up. The five attribute points govern body, reflexes, technical ability, intelligence, and cool. These in turn determine which perks players can unlock. Unfortunately, though, attributes aren't resettable.

Can you refund attribute points ESO? ›

Players can visit Rededication Shrines to receive blessings from the Divines that will refund their spent Skill or Attribute Points for a donation in gold that scales with the character level and number of previous restats / reskills. The points can then be re-spent as the player chooses.

How much does it cost to respec attributes? ›

A respec of attributes and abilities scales off the number of ability points. It is roughly 3 - 4 gems per ability/attribute point.

How much does it cost to reset attributes in eso? ›

While attribute and morph resets cost a flat 3,200 and 1,400 gold respectively, skills are refunded at 50 gold each. At max level, this can easily cost around 14,000 gold, which could mean a fairly lengthy money grind if you're not playing a thief build.

How many times can you reset stat points? ›

Though a relatively easy quest, resetting your stats and skills through Akara can only be done once per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, and Hell). That means you are only able to use this service a maximum of three times per character.

How many times can you respec your stats? ›

There are 18 Larval Tears scattered across the Lands Between, allowing you to respec up to 18 times per playthrough.

What happens if you reallocate Attributes? ›

When you respec, you get to reallocate all the attribute points you've earned for your character so far, meaning you'll reset to the values where you started.

How do you reset morph skills in ESO? ›

When you want to reset Skill Points, head to the Armory station (available for free in the Crown Store) at your Player Home. Load a completely blank "build" onto your character, and you'll find all of your Attributes, Champion Points, and Skill Points refunded to you.

How many times can you morph a skill in ESO? ›

Q: Can you morph magic abilities twice? Every active ability in the game has two different “morphs“, but you can only select one of them at any given time. Both morphs are unlocked as soon as you reach level 4 in the particular base ability.

How do I reset my morphs? ›

There are also two options to respec/reset your skills, morphs and passives in ESO. You can either pay gold (amount of gold depends on how many skills are active/unlocked) or buy a skill respec scroll in the Crown Store.

Can you respec attributes? ›

A. No, you cannot reset/re-spec attributes in Cyberpunk 2077.

Does morph count as an ability? ›

Morph is an ability that lets you pay 3 to cast the card face-down. While the card is face-down, it is a 2/2 creature with no name, color, creature type, abilities, mana cost, etc. The converted mana cost of a face-down creature is 0 since it has no mana cost. Morph is only an option if you're casting the spell.

What is the fastest way to get attribute points? ›

You earn Attribute Points as you level up your character doing things like completing missions and other activities around Night City. You'll get experience points (XP), and every third level with come with an Attribute Point.

Where do I get the item to respec? ›

To unlock the ability to respec in Elden Ring, you need to venture to the Academy of Raya Lucaria and defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. You should naturally encounter this boss during your adventure, as Rennala is the second major boss in our Elden Ring walkthrough and holds one of Elden Ring's Great Runes.

How Can I respec myself? ›

You can visit Vulgrim in The Weeping Crag. There's a Respec service you can purchase for 1000g. It wipes clean your skill tree and allows to to re-assign acquired skills points. Purchase "Respec" and the achievement is yours.

Can you max out all Attributes? ›

Given the number of attribute points you're given over the course of an entire playthrough, that means you can only max out 3 attributes to level 20 (which leaves you with 5 points leftover for the two remaining attributes).

How do I reset my skill points with Akara? ›

Reset Skills With Akara

To reach this character, fans simply need to complete the first quest in Act 1, and a "reset stat/skill points" option will appear upon interacting with her. This is not an option that players can use endlessly, though, as Akara will only offer one reset per difficulty level.

Can you respec multiple times? ›

Respeccing becomes available after defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Respeccing costs one Larval Tear. You can reallocate your stats as many times as you wish, just as long as you have a Larval Tear. You must reallocate every available Attribute Point.

Can you only respec once? ›

You can respec up to three times per character, once per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell). To unlock a higher difficulty, you need to complete all five Acts in the game first. Now, if you want to respec more than three times, the option to do so is a bit of a grind. Looking for more help?

Where do you use Larval Tears? ›

The Elden Ring respec power allows you to reallocate your levels using Larval Tears, rare items, if you give them to Rennala at Lucaria Academy.

Can you reset skill points mass effect? ›

Choose a character and reset your skills

Press yes to reset that character's skill points. The cost of resetting your skills increases every time you use the re-spec station, so choose wisely. Check out our Mass Effect: Andromeda character builds guide and Mass Effect: Andromeda romance walkthrough.

How many pale tongues does it take to respec? ›

Pale Tongues, Restrictions, And Sirris' Questline

Beyond owning a Pale Tongue, there's also one additional restriction to respeccing your character: you can only respec your character 5 times per NG cycle.

How many times can you reset skill points d2r? ›

Once you complete the quest, Akara will offer to Reset Stat/Skill Points as reward. The Quest can only be completed once on each difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell), so you will have three resetting opportunities.

Where do I get the Astora greatsword? ›

Players seeking the Astora Greatsword will need to head to the Cathedral of the Deep.

Can you morph abilities more than once ESO? ›

Each active skill can be morphed one time. There are two options when you decide to morph. In the event that you wish to change the morph, you can only do so through a respec, which you can purchase from an in-game vendor.

How do you redistribute champion points in ESO? ›

You can reset your Champion Points by opening your Champion Point Interface for your respective platform. At the bottom of your screen, you will find the Redistribute Button. To reset your Champion Points you have to pay 3000 Gold each time, whether you reset one or all of your Champion Points.

Can morph be responded to? ›

Can You Respond to Morph? Once your opponent has taken the action to morph their creature face-up, you have no choice but to let it happen. It doesn't use the stack or give either player the opportunity to respond to it.

Can you keep making skills legendary? ›

Skyrim Legendary Skills Explained

Legendary Skills start back at Lvl 15, giving players the opportunity to continue leveling that skill (and their overall player level) practically indefinitely.

Can morph be played as an instant? ›

to cast a card with the ability face down as a 2/2 colorless, typeless creature. The player can then turn that creature face-up at any time they could cast an instant by paying a variable Morph cost printed on each card.

What happens if you flicker a morph? ›

When you [Morph] ( a card face down into play, you can [Flicker] ( it and it returns to the battlefield face up.

Can you change Attributes in 2K22? ›

WWE 2K22 Attributes Menu. The Attribute menu is where the player can tailor their favorite wrestlers or custom characters to their liking.

Can you reset Attribute points in Conan exiles? ›

The potion of bestial memory will only reset your attributes, while the yellow lotus potion will reset both attributes and knowledges. At attribute level 10 and 20, you get to choose from two perks.

Can you respec Attribute points in Skyrim? ›

There's no command to reset all your points, but you can de-spec and re-spec specific skills by using the console commands. There are also mods such as which will give you in-game abilities to respec your perks.

How do I reset my Attribute points in Skyrim? ›

The correct answer is to use player. setav .

Can you edit your MyPLAYER build? ›

After completion, you can test your build and even edit your build if your MyPLAYER isn't exactly what you had in mind.

How much VC do you need to get to 85 2K23? ›

To get to 85 OVR, it can take anywhere around the range of 100,000 and 150,000 VC. Mid-Range Shot and Three-Point Shot are the most expensive attributes to upgrade.

What is the rebirth badge 2K22? ›

Rebirth is a new quest coming along with Season 2 that allows you to create new MyPlayers with free badge points and a higher attribute max right away. Fans can only access this quest if they are over 90 overall in MyCareer.


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